Monday, February 18, 2008

eHarmony's Free Communication Weekend

I read on another Blog that eHarmony has never done this before but I seem to remember a free weekend a couple of times before. What is this all about? I had no idea that they charged you a membership fee and a fee each time you wanted to contact a single person that you might have something in common with. That could be really expensive, alot more expensive than a totally free online dating site. What the heck are they thinking anyway? Online personality matching doesn't really work anyway.

I think that there are some really interesting online dating websites out there that are totally free. I know that there are some that even offer online personals video dating for free. I am a fan of those online personals where you can freely browse profiles. I resent getting locked up in a system that does all the picking for you.

So they are free for the weekend - big deal! There are free online dating singles sites that offer more than they do for free all the time.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Technorati Profile

Technorati Profile

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Few Ways to Show Them You Love Them

Express Your Love

Cute little love expressions to keep the love bug alive

Dating is exciting for both singles. You're busy meeting new people and exploring a lot of new firsts together. Your relationship begins as a list of firsts; first trip to an amusement park together, first kiss, first hiking trip, first road trip, first overnight vacation, and the list grows. At some point the newness will begin to wear off as it becomes more difficult to experience new things together. It may not be your fault at all as life with your new love becomes more ordinary. Jobs get in the way, kids require attention, and the mortgage must be paid. It can be rather sobering as the relationship changes. There are things that you both can do to keep the love growing. We have listed what we feel are ten good little expressions to show your love.

Women love flowers guys you don't have to wait for a holiday to buy her a small bunch of daisies.

Ladies put a love note in his pocket where he'll find it during the day.

Check your schedules with each other and if there are no conflicts surprise your love with a trip to his/her favorite restaurant during the week.

Men are visual creatures by nature so ladies keep this in mind when you plan a romantic evening together and change the venue to some place other than your bedroom as long as that doesn't upset the household. You might want to put something new and sexy on for him because those sweat shorts and pink tee shirt that you normally wear to bed are some how not that sexy.

Conversation, conversation, conversation. Guys listen up: you're not the only one that has had a bad day at the office. Work on spending at least thirty minutes catching up on the days' goings on and let her talk you listen.

Pick an evening or a rainy Saturday afternoon where you can spend two hours together watching a movie or just cuddling together.

Playfulness in an affectionate way is so sexy. A little soft kiss on the back of the neck or a light tap on the butt followed by "I love you" is a great touch.

If you forget any of the above ideas please remember these two:

1. Never go to bed angry with each other.
2. Always kiss and say, "I love you" before you leave for the day.

Life is so short and we never know what is in store for us or our loved ones that day. Always be prepared so that you won't have any regrets.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

First Date Impressions

First impressions are important make them count

Be on your best behavior

So you've agreed to go out on your first date. Maybe you met online on a dating site and decided to step to the next level. Make sure all your bases are covered before you go. If this is the first date and you've never met in person before make sure that you will be meeting in a public place. If it is at all possible plan to drive yourself to the date. At all costs don't drink too much alcohol!

Don't Arrive Late:
You have agreed on the time so don't be late. Being late sends a negative message, "My time is more valuable and the world revolves around me". Greet your date and let them know how pleased you are to meet them. Complement the way they look, "that dress looks fantastic on you".

Stop, Look, Listen, Listen, and then Listen some more:
You want to put your date at ease as soon as possible. Single people who have been single for a while and have not been really successful in dating tend to start talking and monopolize the conversation. Listening to a person can give you great insight into what kind of person they are.

Don't get too personal on the first date:
It's certainly fair to ask a person about themselves. In some cases you may have to get the conversation going if the other person seems shy. Just proceed with caution when the line of questioning begins. It's probably best to stay away from questions about past relationships and keep to safer questions:

  • What kind of things do you like to do for fun?

  • Are you from here originally?

  • Have you seen any good movies lately?

  • Would you say you're an amusement park or nature hiking person?

  • Stay Focused on your Date:
    Ladies this is where a lot of men fail the test. Men pay close attention to what we are about to say here. Don't let your eyes wander around the room as your date is spilling her heart out to you. This is a definite way to not get a second date. You've asked for her time and she generously agreed to share her time with you so don't waste her time. Spend the time with her and don't shop for a better model while your out.

    Ending the Date:
    If there is a mutual attraction don't forget to get her number and don't expect a kiss on the first date. If she likes you she will let you know whether it's a handshake or possibly a kiss that will end the date. In either case, thank each other for the evening and make sure to let them know that you enjoyed your time together. If there is no hope for a second date let them know graciously. "I really enjoyed meeting you and you are a very nice person. I enjoy meeting new people. I would like to stay in touch as I value you as a new friend. Thank you for this evening". Wish them well, if they persist don't lead them on let them know that you really enjoyed meeting them but you are not ready for a second date.

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    Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

    Are you a nice guy?

    It goes back to our primal imprinting but Women want Guys with Ego.

    Nice has the word "ice" in it and that's how she's going to feel toward you if you come off all nice and squishy. That is the fastest way to become a "friend" instead of a lover. Nice guys listen up because what we are about to clue you in on might change your dating life forever.

    Nature is an amazing force. All the animals in nature look for the strongest and most attractive mate to breed with. This assures the survival of the species by breeding out the weakest genes. This is the way that it is supposed to work so we don't want to reinvent the wheel but we do want to take advantage of what nature predicts the way that the female will react.

    By nature single women will look for the best of the species to breed with. They are looking for potential mates that are attractive, refined, wealthy (or at least appear wealthy) and powerful.

  • Attractive - well in some cases we only have so much to work with here but being attractive in a single woman's eyes can encompass more that just looks or physical attributes. If you're not blessed with great looks you can improve your appearance to women by watching your weight and paying attention to the way you dress.

  • Refinement - this is a very important part of the dating single women equation. Women are drawn to people who show a bit of sophistication. Let's face it, if you were a woman and were presented with two single guys with the same appearance and one was a beer and chips person and the other was a wine and cheese expert which single do you think would win out? Refinement exudes sophistication which implies education and wealth or at least the potential for wealth.

  • Wealth - some of us are lucky enough to be born into it but most of us are just hard working schmoes. Wealth isn't something that is necessarily within the reach of most but the perception of wealth is. It's sometimes as simple as simple association. Rather than taking a date to a football game try taking her to a winery, for a round of golf, or to a polo match. In each case you don't have to live the lifestyle but it is absolutely imperative that you know something about the lifestyle that you are trying to exude. Don't take her to a polo match and expect her to swoon when you exclaim "touchdown".

  • Power - if you have it you can have your pick. If you don't have it you need to follow the above advice and try developing a friendship with someone who does. Just being a semi-regular at the golf club restaurant, or polo field where you are able to introduce your date to or be recognized by someone who "belongs" there will go a long way to validating your social position.

  • It is true that women want what they can't have. If they perceive you as something they can't have or something that would be really hard to get you will definitely win over the nice guy that you used to be.

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    Why Online Relationships Work

    You know someone who has met online

    Why are they still together?

    If you were to talk to your friends you would probably find someone you or your friends knows has had success meeting online or at a speed dating event. We all hear stories about the couple who met online in a chatroom and chatted for a few months or maybe a year or longer and finally met, fell in love and have been together ever since. Do you ever wonder why a relationship that developed online seems so strong?

    There is evidence that suggests that when people meet online tend to communicate with one another better. What have marriage counselors been trying to tell us for years about communicating with our spouses? It is true that communication or rather the lack thereof is the root of many failed romances. It only makes sense that online dating and chatroom romances that start as simple chat among singles establishes a good foundation in communication skills. A relationship based on good communication is more prone to success because those months of chat have built that undeniable thread that is necessary to tie us together at a level that seems to be missing in our busy lifestyles.

    In our busy society, relationships that we develop often suffer. Friendships tend to be shallow and superficial. We don't take the time to really learn about one another. Getting to know one another through communication builds a stronger bond between friends and potential lovers. That is why it is our position that having voice and video capabilities is very desirable in an online dating service. Text chat is important but being able to see and hear the other person before you say "yes" is paramount.

    When you have found that person that you think might be right for you and you're ready to take the next step and meet in person why not use our speed dating venues as a safe and public way to finally meet face to face. We have carefully selected all the features to allow the absolute safest means of meeting the love of your life. Won't you join us today?

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    Personality matching is a good draw but does it work?

    Get Your 28 1/2 Dimensions working for You!

    "Get your free personality profile for free" touts the behemoth of online dating and matchmaking. It's nothing more than fancy marketing spin. There is absolutely no proof that personality matching guarantees marriage bliss. Instead of allowing users to freely browse the thousands of profiles and send flirty one line greetings to prospective matches one online service does all the leg work and delivers a filtered list of potential suitors. In contrast to speed dating or video dating the later approach seems to take all the fun out of online relationship building.

    The personality profile matching approach was put to the test on a popular dating show where past contestants tried to find suitable females for their fellow bachelor. One of the matchmakers held a bikini beauty contest, another hosted a game where potential dates competed for a spot among the winners and still another tried the scientific personality profile matching approach.

    As the dating show unfolded and potential single women were eliminated by the willing bachelor. It may have gone unnoticed to most but the single female delivered by the "heavy hitting" online dating services' personality profile matching system was almost the first candidate to be refused a rose. After all the free advertising and the heavy spin that was placed on the scientific matching the only thing that spun was the personality matching system with its tail feathers on fire.

    There is no substitute for meeting someone and getting to know them on a level that face to face meetings and spending a lot of time learning about the other person provides. The primus that personality matching is more effective is absolutely untrue. If you are going to use an online dating site make sure you pick one that will allow you the ability to talk and possibly even see the other person before you say, "yes". Online video dating sites are few and far between but the internet dating scene dictates that level of sophistication. Some of the better services also offer speed dating events which provide a safe, fun and public way of meeting someone in person. Develop your online friendships and when you do decide to meet in person consider using a speed dating event to do so.

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    Friday, June 03, 2005

    Does Online Dating Really Work?

    Give Club 555 Online Dating a Try

    If you were to have asked that question to dating singles a few years ago the answer would be a resounding "no". Experience over the past few years as results are coming in from online dating services the answer becomes a bit more positive yet conditional. Just as dating the traditional way requires time and effort a successful online dating experience requires about the same commitment. You wouldn't necessarily expect a romantic true love relationship to develop in a traditional approach if you were to never call or only spend five minutes a week on meeting a perspective match. Additionally, if you never dressed up for a traditional date you might be waiting a long time to meet the true love of your life.

    Put your best face forward. All online dating sites provide their members a place to post personals ads. This personals ad space is your billboard. It gives other singles a five-second-look at you so use every tool in building your personals ad. Some online dating services provide you with the ability to upload a picture, audio clip and even a video clip of yourself. Don't pass on these opportunities. Posting a video clip on your personals ad space is a huge advantage over those who only post a photo. Singles and perspective suitors will linger at your ad longer and video and/or audio clips give them a unique connection to you. It is true that personals ads with pictures have an 80% higher response, however, personals ads with an audio and/or video clip are a full 97% more desirable.

    As technology improves more online dating sites are beginning to introduce audio and video chat. These services provide online singles a way to see and hear the other person. This is a tremendous advantage. Seeing a photo and chatting through email or in a chat room is great for learning more about a person but actually being able to talk and see that other person is paramount. Spending time just talking with someone and learning by observing their body language tips the scales a bit away from the old traditional approach.

    Dating sites that spin the personality profile as the definitive solution for matching singles are no substitute for actually spending the time getting to know the other person. There is no conclusive evidence that personality matching really works. Really getting to know one another is the best solution. There are no shortcuts to finding love. There are, however, tools that make it more fun, safe, and convenient for meeting other singles. Pick an online dating service that offers the most and the latest tools for meeting singles. Be prepared to put some time in on developing your online relationships. Log onto your dating service and hang out in the chat room, send casual messages to other singles that you would like to learn more about. Remember online relationships can be very fulfilling and long-lived. Give them the time they deserve.

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    Friday, January 07, 2005

    Online Dating Hot for Broadband

    Club 555 Online Dating (, a Club 555 Networks Inc. venture, embraces the increase in broadband subscribership with revolutionary web-based voice and video communications.

    Seattle, WA , Jan 07, 2005 -- Club 555 Online Dating (, brings online matchmaking to new heights featuring web-based video conferencing and multi-voice chat rooms for their members. The web based communication tools enable on-site contact with the highest level of security and anonymity available to online personals users.Club 555 maintains that internet users, especially online dating users and gamers, are growing very sophisticated in their use of online tools. "We didn't want to tie ourselves to one type of on-site contact that's why we believe in our business model...offer several voice and video tools for our members and let them choose which they want to use," says Steve Gallinger, CTO of Club 555 Networks Inc. The system allows only "on-site" contact unless the members elect to permit more than that. Each profile has security built into every aspect of contact. Club 555's "favorites" list allows a member to give permission to who they want to view their private pictures, listen to their introductory audio clip, view their introductory video clip or contact them directly with the integrated voice and video communication tools. In addition, there are controls within the member's panel to completely "block" all site-based messages from members they don't want contact from. Club 555 has an unbelievable voice chat model. It was built on the principle that a lot of people are intimidated by talking to strangers for the first time. The idea was to provide an open voice chat system where everyone can talk at the same time just like you would at a party or at the kitchen table. The voice chat system is a true open microphone without the "push-to-talk" that other systems offer. You simply login and start talking. In addition, the voice and video systems are integrated into the site allowing one-to-one private conversations. We operate an upstart online dating service. Within the dating site we have a video application that works flawlessly even on dial-up connections. The application is web-based and no software installation is required. The video system functions with the same privacy considerations that are built into the other aspects of the website. "There are other sites who offer video; however, some are plagued with firewall and NAT issues. Club 555's video system is browser-based so there is nothing to install, you just click to connect. You can hear and see the other person before you say yes," says C. Joe Eichler, CEO of Club 555 Networks Inc.

    Tuesday, October 05, 2004

    Something For Our Troops

    NorthWest eSolutions,, and Club 555 Networks, Inc. launches a new webservice featuring web-based video conferencing free for troops and their families.
    We feel the need to do something to show our gratitude to the many Men and Women of our Armed Services scattered throughout the world, which are sacrificing so much for our Country.
    We operate an up-start online dating service . Within the dating site we have a voice and video application that works flawlessly even on dial-up connections. The application is web-based and no software installation is required. Having the technology, we launched the new service with troops, friends and family as our primary focus.
    C. Joe Eichler, Club 555 Networks CEO said, "We have a family member who is in Iraq right now and became aware that there are only limited cost efficient ways for our troops to call home. We have learned that there are places that our troops can gain access to the Internet and some chat with family on instant messenger software. We realized that we are able to help ease the financial burden on our troops and their families and out of that realization grew ConnectFriend. The ability to hear and see your loved ones is paramount."
    About ConnectFriend
    ConnectFriend, , is a service for friends and family. We provide two free accounts for each active military service person on the webservice. Instructions for registering for the free military accounts are posted in a pop-up window on the site's homepage. Two valid email addresses are required to obtain the free service.
    Contact Information
    Linda Eichler VP Business Development
    Club 555 Networks, Inc